"For the first time ever, I found myself behind in keeping up with my incoming papers. It seemed to snowball, where piles of mail were placed on other already sorted ready-to-file
piles and I couldn't do anything to catch up. I literally did not know where to start! In
came Amy and within one day I could see the light.
Just four days later... two years
of papers were sorted and filed and I had an easy-to-use filing system to help me stay on
top of things.


Amy was punctual, quick, respectful, cheerful, and optimistic. I will continue to use
her to organize the rest of my files (older ones from previous years), my closets and the kitchen, too! You can't go wrong with Amy. She's a real miracle-worker!"


Bloom Almeida

Full-Time Student

Occidental, CA



“Before working with Amy, I was in a hopeless state and feeling like my piles of clutter
and unopened mail had completely taken over my life. I didn't want to get out of bed
and look
at it another day! It was so overwhelming that I didn't have a clue what to do.

After working with Amy, my desk for business and personal is now streamlined, three

months of mail are tended to, and each drawer now has a purpose. My closet is sparkling

and functional and my bathroom "getting ready" drawers are half the space they once
were. She also set up a system for me to get my papers back and forth to my hair salon without losing them or losing my mind!

Amy is amazing! I highly recommend her! I never spend money on this kind of

thing, now I can't imagine why I never thought of it before!!"

Gigirenee Heredia
Owner, Verde Salon
Mill Valley, CA

"Amy is a down-to-business gal with great energy and great solutions (she'll even research them for you). Many months of intense work in my business had left much of my house impossibly cluttered. I felt overwhelmed and unable to make a dent in the chaos.

Amy just sat us down and started in, sometimes even doing stuff while I was gone. After

we were done, I felt like I could breathe again! My house was so clear and inviting
once again. Ahhhhhhh!"

Linda Puig
President, Claire Communications
Sebastopol, CA

"I'll get to it later turned into piles of needed filing and disorganization. I was completely overwhelmed! I worked side-by-side Amy for two days and created a filing system where everything had a home. The system was easy and logical to use. A lot was recycled and tossed. It's great having a clean, functioning office, but more importantly I have
my brain back!


Jane Gresham

Co-Owner, Integrated Awareness

Rohnert Park, CA



"Amy has changed my life! Before working with Amy, I felt helpless and overwhelmed

when trying to get my home organized. I didn't know where to start or even how to go

about it. Now I can approach an organizing project with confidence. Amy has given me

the skills, knowledge, strength, and ability to do it on my own! I've realized that living in

an organized environment is a gift that I'm not only giving myself, but to my 2-year old

son, my husband, and to my friends. I can now leave the anxiety behind and focus

on what matters most - spending quality time with the ones I love!"

Johanna VanderBeek
Pilates Instructor
Santa Rosa, CA


"In an increasingly busy and harried world, where we all take on more than we can do,

having a structured and organized office and living space is not just a necessity, it is an imperative. Amy offers a rare combination of meticulous organizational skills with a loving and thoughtful nature. She is extremely easy to work with and makes the difficult
task of organizing ones space both fun and incredibly satisfying.
She is patient and understands our attachment to stuff and how to gently extricate ourselves from the things that keep us from seeing the work at hand.

Amy revolutionized my office, brought order to chaos, and made me understand what I

need to do on-goingly to have a space that facilitates my work and makes my life easier."

Carolyn M. Scott
Executive Director, Turtle Island Films
Santa Rosa, CA

"Amy did a fantastic job! I'm so glad my husband and I decided to hire her to help us

get our garage organized. Before working with Amy our garage was full of clutter with not much room to walk. There was stuff everywhere. We had an idea of what we wanted to use our garage space for, but with two young children and our very busy lives, we just weren't sure exactly how to achieve it.

In just two days Amy came in and got it done. She used a fast and efficient clean sweep approach sorting everything into piles of Keep, Toss, and Donate. She helped with space planning, giving us great ideas of where to put shelving and larger items to best utilize our space. She also created a place for everything we wanted to store in the garage, making it very easy for us to find what we needed.

We now have room to walk, room to work, and even room to use our weight bench and

pool table. We are absolutely thrilled! Everything now has a place and it's surprisingly easy

to maintain.

Amy turned an overwhelming job into something fun and positive. Her high energy and great attitude kept us focused and motivated throughout the project. We highly recommend her organizing services to anyone wanting to make a positive change in

their lives!"

Charlotte Jensen
Senior Project Manager, Q & A Research, Inc.
Sonoma, CA

"I had the pleasure of working with Amy as my organizer. I was amazed by her intuitive nature and streamlined process. My home not only looks absolutely beautiful but everything I need is at my fingertips. Amy helped me to implement a system that really works and we have been able to keep it that way.

It is so important for me that all of my belongings have a place in my home and to let go

of needless clutter. Amy was able to help me to achieve and even surpass my goals. What a blessing it is to enjoy coming home every day!"

Megan Waterman
Real Estate Agent
Sebastopol, CA